Hello there and welcome to Monika K.'s personal web domain, Caged-Child[dot]net. Here you will find her personal collective of fanlistings as well as ever growing goodies here and about. Once something she did in her spare time, web design and maintaining fanlistings has quickly become a major addiction and passion. There are many happy subjects from her most beloved fandoms housed within these walls, so please take a look around and enjoy your stay.


Opened in March 12, 2006, Caged-Child currently houses 8 fanlistings. There are 1645 fans within these walls, with 7 fans waiting to be added. There's an average of 0.36 new fans joining per day.


Why something as obscure as caged child? The original idea came from my dear friend Chu, when she decided to make a fanlisting for me, calling it Cagechild's crazy circus. It screamed Plastic Tree to me, a band that I owe much to my personal growth and creative style. It also perfectly describes me. I was born in '87 but I don't see myself as an adult just yet. I will always be a child at heart - Although one that may not be able to express herself in the professional world that she lives in... And that's how the term caged child came to be.





February 15, 2013 A major clean out is underway here at Caged-Child[dot]net. The focus was once to house fanlistings, but now that I have some spare time on my hands (finally) I aim to make this place an outlet to express myself and my career goals. Please stay tuned!