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A White Tomorrow
A White Tomorrow
Opened 28th October 2006
Fans 367 (+ 4)
Subject Jessie and James
Category Pokémon
Notes My OTP of the series! I'm always pro-Rocket when it comes to the anime, so of course I am all over these two.

Opened 06th December 2008
Fans 62 (+ 0)
Subject JRock
Category Genre
Notes JRock is a pure art in Japan. It is so much more than music -- It's an experience like none other.

Opened 16th December 2007
Fans 36 (+ 0)
Subject Juri Arisugawa
Category Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Notes I admire the powerful emotions within her. She is strong at heart and is truly beautiful, inside and out.

Show Window
Show Window
Opened 15th January 2005
Fans 76 (+ 0)
Subject Ma Cherie
Category Malice Mizer
Notes A more unrecognized song by the band.. It's one of my favourite songs and is my first fanlisting!

More Than Friends
More Than Friends
Opened 06th October 2007
Fans 118 (+ 1)
Subject Monica and Chandler
Category Friends
Notes Their chemistry is so unique, I can't help but flail around whenever I see them! Their romance is unmatchable.

Trust Me
Trust Me
Opened 06th October 2007
Fans 387 (+ 0)
Subject Neo and Trinity
Category The Matrix
Notes What Neo and Trinity have is beyond any kind of romance and even friendship. It's breathtaking.

Opened 10th May 2008
Fans 165 (+ 1)
Subject Plastic Tree
Category Band
Notes Since 2001, Pura completely nourishes what craving I have for music. They are indescribable.

Opened 26th November 2006
Fans 434 (+ 1)
Subject Ryutaro Arimura
Category Plastic Tree
Notes I find such meaning, understanding and beauty in all his work. This man is the one true musician in my eyes.

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