Why something as obscure as caged child? The original idea came from my dear friend Chu, when she decided to make a fanlisting for me, calling it Cagechild's crazy circus. It screamed Plastic Tree to me, a band that I owe much to my personal growth and creative style. It also perfectly describes me. I was born in '87 but I don't see myself as an adult just yet. I will always be a child at heart - Although one that may not be able to express herself in the professional world that she lives in... And that's how the term caged child came to be.


Version 03

The current version features Plastic Tree! While it's not exactly the band members, this little panda guy was featured on the B-men Gahou CD! I really wanted something with a strong grey and green colour scheme, just like the CD! It's my favourite layout to date because it has such a strong Pura feel to it!

Version 02

Version 02 featured Vash the Stampede for the awesome manga/anime Trigun. I so badly wanted to participate in a layout marathon, and when Nancy decided to start one for bishi's, the first guy I could think of was Vash. So here we go. I was very proud of this layout! I wanted to go with something much cleaner and simple than what I had previously. I also wanted to learn how to do roll over images for navigation.

Version 01

Who is that lovely person in Version 01 of my layout? It is none other than the wonderful Ryutaro! Ryutaro is the lead singer of my favourite band, Plastic Tree. I just thought these two images were beautiful and the colours in it were perfect for what I had in mind for a layout.