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Ryoko is my all time favourite anime character. Many people claim to be huge fans of her, but sadly, most of them don't seem to be fans of the series. Tenchi Muyo! is my favourite anime for so many reasons: It's funny, heart wrenching, and always just exciting to watch. A huge reason I see it this way is because of this is the beautiful space pirate, Ryoko. I've been a fan as soon as I spotted her in 1999 - What intrigued me the most about the pirate was her eyes... I had never seen an anime character as stunning and detailed as she was. I later watched the entire series and grew enamored by her. She's confidant, adorable, beautiful, strong-minded, and strong in body and spirit. Her personality is just all-together perfect and in many ways, I look up to her as a model (as silly as that may sound). Having her fanlisting would be more than I could bare - But until then the wonderful Shaza has allowed me to coown with her! <3