Hello there! Welcome to A White Tomorrow, TheFanlistings.org and AnimeFanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the relationship between Jessie and James ( also known as Musashi and Kojiro ) from the hit anime and game series Pokémon. This site is here to showcase their relationship, whether you see them as friends, companions, or as a romantic couple! Please enjoy your stay. :D

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12.09.12 Moved to my main domain - Sadly this is my only Pokemon fanlisting! I will be updating this place soon with a fancier layout. On the never ending to do list...
09.23.07 Nai, I have noticed a lot of strange members trying to sign up. So I'll be brief but blunt, if you do not have a valid email address you will not be added -- This weeds out any "spam" members.
07.02.07 Oh my god -- Over 100 members!!!! I am sooo amazed at how quickly this fanlisting grew!! To commemorate this very special event, I present a pretty new layout! Version 02 features the two in all their cross dressing glory. <3 Also, this is the last and final home for the two -- I know I switched domains before, but now that I have a Pokemon domain, it's here to stay!! ;D
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