update archive

12.31.06 Moved to a pretty new domain!! :D Please update your links. And if you find any problems, please feel free to contact moi!
12.28.06 Yays!!! A lot of clean up - I also added some new sections: A gallery and fan art section! I shall be adding more as time permits. Please continue checking on the updates! :D
12.21.06 I will be revamping this layout/content this Holiday break! :D
11.28.06 Yays! Another affiliate! The cause of all their problems: Ash! ;D!
11.20.06 Three more affiliates! :D That notorious duo, Ash and Pikachu! And also, the Pokemon Pikachu and Pochama!
11.11.06 Three more affiliates! ;D Team Rocket style!
11.11.06 Revamp on the affiliates section and added the SOVA project! :D
11.06.06 More affiliates!! I should probably put them on a different page.. Lol
11.05.06 Added a wonderful batch of affiliates! :D
11.03.06 Uugh, because I have been so deadly sick this past week, I got the extras up later than expected.. But they're up nevertheless! yays! :D
10.28.06 A White Tomorrow is officially opened! Oh holy frick do I love this couple!! I've been on a Pokemon high for about a month now, and just seeing these two makes me love Pokemon even more! I shall get the extras up very very soon!
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