None of these are horrifying. Simply common sense!

01. Be a fan of any positive aspect of Jessie and James' relationship.
02. If you list your website when joining, please be sure to take code. In the comments field, please specify where I can find it on your site - Just to make my life easier. ;D If I can't find it easily, your site will not be listed. Sorry!
03. When filling out your name, please, no newbie stuff. Names like XTrmeB0I_89 will not be appreciated - I'll just change it to something along the lines of the silly name provided ( in this case, Boi ).
04. Include a valid e-mail address - You might receive a goodie! :D
05. Absolutely no direct linking in any shape or form! Upload anything you take onto your own site. We have ways to find you people! ::Shakes fist::

Yay! Now join!